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Develop A Mobile App in 2024: Effective Teams and Strategies

Develop A Mobile App


Develop A Mobile App

In the dynamic world of 2024, where smartphones are our gateways to the world, the need to develop a mobile app has become the beating hearts of digital interaction. With every tap and swipe, the appetite for innovation and captivating apps is reaching new heights. 

Just last year, people downloaded an incredible 257 billion apps worldwide, according to Statista. This huge interest is driving businesses to hire outsource app development, with the market expected to reach $121.60 billion in revenue by 2024, growing at a rate of 1.66% each year until 2028.

If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business, it’s crucial to grasp the roles within your development team, ensuring you know exactly what your investment entails.

Here, we outline the essential roles in a mobile app team and introduce 5 key strategies for successful collaboration with outsourced app development teams.

5 Important Roles of Outsourced Mobile App Projects

1. Project Manager

When you come to develop a mobile app, the first person to start is a project manager or PM. You need this person to be your connection to the developers and to ensure the entire process of your mobile app project is completed on time and within budget.

2. UX/UI Designer

You may think that the task assigned to designers is easy but they strive to ensure that your product is intuitive. Everything within your mobile application is optimised to deliver a pleasant and user-friendly app interface. 

3. Mobile App Developer

A clean and intuitive UX/UI design will not function without the thousands of lines of code that bring them to life. Depending on the complexity and skill set of your developers, they can be separated into Back End (server-side), Front End (visual side), or Full Stack (Back & Front End combined in one).

The development process is usually the most costly and time-consuming step of mobile app development, so choose your developers wisely!

4. QA Engineer

Last but not least, QA or a Quality Assurance Engineer is a professional you can’t miss as they need to verify how the app is functioning and ensure it doesn’t contain any bugs. You can release your mobile application once QA approves it. 

5. Business Analyst

Since you have an idea for your mobile application project, you also need someone to help set the right goal. Business analysts will help you to understand your customer’s requirements and market needs.

5 Essential Tips for Teamwork with Outsourced App Developers

Develop A Mobile App

1. Establish Effective Communication

Clear communication with clients and within the development team is essential for the success of a project. At Trienpont International, we establish regular check-ins, typically weekly, via the client’s preferred method (e.g., video call, Slack, Teams, Email, WhatsApp), providing updates on progress, challenges, and next steps.

2. Define Your Expectations When Develop A Mobile App

When setting your expectations for your app, it’s crucial to define its intended functionality, target audience, and overarching business aims, ensuring your outsourced team fully understands these aspects. 

At Trienpont International, we use local advantages to maintain quality without letting distance affect our work or your expectations.

3. Manage “Scope Creep”

Scope creep is a common challenge in project management, resulting in budget overruns, delayed timelines, and often leading to over-engineering

To avoid scope creep, you and your team need to set clear rules for change requests and assess their impact on scope, budget, and timeline, ensuring they align with project goals.

4. Set Realistic Timelines and Budgets For Your Mobile App

In project planning, aim for the stars but keep one foot on the ground. Gauge what’s doable with your budget and timeline, considering project demands, task complexity, team skills, and external factors. Be ready for candid chats on compromises to nail those crucial project milestones.

5. Stream Post-Launch Support

Once your software is live, you’ll need ongoing support, maintenance, and hosting to keep it updated and running smoothly. Define these services in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to set clear expectations for support scope, response times, and exclusions, keeping you in the loop.

Ready to Develop A Mobile App?

Develop A Mobile App

Handling the challenges of mobile app development, especially the risk of scope creep and over-engineering, requires strategic planning and vigilant management. 

At Trienpont International, we emphasise clear communication between our developers, ensuring unity in vision and purpose. We prioritize scalability while remaining mindful of the feasibility of functionalities.

Should you aspire to develop a software product without the pitfalls of over-engineering, reach out to us. Let’s explore how we can streamline your development process to achieve efficiency and excellence.

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