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The Internship of Daniella at Trienpont International 


About Me 

Kia ora, Talofa, Chomreabsuor, I’m Daniella (known as Dani) and I am from New Zealand (also known as Aotearoa. I came to do a summer internship at Trienpont International for the Summer of 23/24 and my first day was the 10th of December.

Getting a scholarship from Education New Zealand as a part of a programme with Pagoda Projects and Tuputoa to work as an intern in Bangkok has been my first big move and international experience. 

I study at Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in Public Policy and Marketing with a minor in Management. 

Growing as  the eldest grandchild in a blend of Cambodian, Samoan, Māori and New Zealand/European, this experience is crucial for me. It reflects my diverse background and helps me be a role model for my family. 

In this article, I will share my experiences from my Trienpont International Internship and Thailand’s vibrant culture. Join me as I explore and learn from this city.

Exploring My Internship at Trienpont International


As a marketing intern, I had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse array of clients Including a brand new sleep salon in Bangkok and One All Sports, an international e-commerce retailer. I participated in the company’s internal marketing, working closely with colleagues like Rohan, Ice, Earn, Eing, and fellow intern Mark.

For the sleep salon, I played a significant role in enhancing the client’s online presence and engagement by creating compelling content such as Instagram Reels, Posts, and TikToks. Additionally, I contributed to the success of their marketing campaigns by designing sale promotions and revamping their social media bio and LinkTree. I also met the Cyntier owners and was able to indulge in a Cyntier experience myself. This experience allowed me to develop valuable skills in content creation and social media management, ultimately contributing to the growth of Cyntier’s brand.

In addition to my work with One All Sports, I have learned to craft Shopify email campaigns, designing website artwork, and create eye-catching social media content to elevate their brand presence. By delivering engaging and visually appealing content, I contributed to enhancing the client’ digital marketing efforts and helped them connect with their target audience more effectively. 

Moreover, my time at Trienpont International was marked by a diverse range of tasks, including contributing to articles, managing Trienpont’s social media content, and even MC’ing the 2023 Christmas Party.

What I have learned During My Internship


At Trienpont International, I appreciated their focus on employee well-being and development. Free daily lunches and Thai language classes enhance employees’ personal,professional growth, and diverse workplace. The option to work remotely from home was attractive to myself who values a flexible work environment, a sign of desirable working places.

Trienponts company culture and values are very community-like and welcoming. Everyone is willing to talk and collaborate with each other and they included me in everything in and outside of work.The workplace attire is not strict and allows me to dress comfortably. From this I learned that what you wear does not impact your work. 

I improved my organisational skills using tools like Google Sheets, Jira Software and Slack for tasks and social media management. The Sup Bot tool improved our daily communication. This is my first experience with a tool like this and it makes me feel very cared for as it asks how you are feeling and various other questions. 

My experience also extended to practical skills such as communication and providing feedback to clients. I grew an understanding about software development, the basic fundamentals of software engineering as I often talked to the software engineers to create content for Trienpont.

The culmination of these experiences was celebrating the company’s year-end success, which highlighted Trienpont’s commitment to quality and excellence, making a truly enriching internship journey. 

Exploring Thailand


Beyond the office wall, I was fortunate enough to explore Thailand and spend my 21st birthday and first Christmas away from my family on Koh Phi Phi Island.

In Phuket, I enjoyed island hopping,snorkelling and kayaking at places like Maya Bay and Monkey Beach, where I discovered the monkeys are very cheeky. I enjoyed the fire shows every night, fireworks and yum food. The highlights include taking an ATV to visit the Big Buddha and fun rides in party tuk-tuks. 

In Chiang Mai, I enjoyed the Elephant Nature Park and Asia’s highest and longest zipline of 1200 metres at King Kong Smile Ziplining. My food adventures included trying  a local egg omelette on rice and  Khao Soi for the first time and they’re amazing. I also visited the night markets and  the Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls 

In Bangkok, I attended a Daniel Caesar and 50 Cent concert, explored historic sites like the Giant Swing, and participated in the Loy Krathong Festival. I spent my NYE countdown at IconSiam with fireworks. I appreciate the affordability of 7 Eleven, the warm hospitality of Thai people, the convenience of grab bikes, and the variety of food, especially Thai milk tea.



Overall, I have had the most perfect experience as a Summer Intern doing an Internship at Trienpont International in Thailand. In just 9 weeks, I developed meaningful connections and friends with my work colleagues and people of Thailand. The work was enriching, offering insight into client relations, varied communication styles and the unique culture at Trienpont. 

My professional development has upscaled on another level due to working internationally. It greatly enhanced my professional skills, including adaptability, organisation, and cross-cultural communication. 

I am grateful for the lasting friendships in Thailand and memories made. I recommend working at Trienpont International as a Summer Intern for a rewarding experience. If my home circumstances were different, I would have loved to stay longer. Thank you to Pagoda Projects and Tuputoa for their services and providing this opportunity for me. I will be sure to come back and visit in the future. 

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