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SMEs and Web Developers: who do you need to hire for your project?

Do you need web developers?

It can be confusing for agencies and SMEs looking to improve their online presence, provide a range of digital offerings to customers or improve efficiencies within their own systems and processes through API integration.

You might know exactly what you want to do, i.e. get your accounting software to talk to your CRM and e-commerce storefront to streamline your tax reporting and eliminate human error. Or you might want to create an online sales channel for your traditional brick and mortar business and aren’t quite sure what’s involved or who to contact.

Brave individuals could even try finding a freelance software developer through certain online platforms, and you might even get something that vaguely resembles what you wanted (if you squint hard enough and forget half of what you wrote in your brief).

The purpose of this article is to give a simplified overview of what SMEs should be aware of when wanting to complete online projects such as website or app development, API integration, as well as the creation of your own Digital Products or SaaS solutions.

Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack. What does it all mean?

Simply put, Front End Developers work on the user or client facing components of a project, Back End Developers deal with the hidden parts that make sure the Front End works, and Full Stack Developers do both.

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Full Stack?

Front-end Developers work on the client or user side. They code website pages, enhance user experience and make sure apps are both aesthetic and functional. They use coding languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create the look and feel of the project.

Back End Developers ensure the Front End functions through the creation and management of databases, configuration of the servers that handle the storage and use of user information, and basically make sure everything the Front End Developers do works. They use languages such as PHP, Laravel, Node.js and Python.

That brings us to Full Stack Developers. They are the coding equivalent of a “jack of all trades”. Full Stack Developers require a working knowledge of Front End and Back End languages and how to bring everything together into one neatly designed package.

web developers

Junior Developers Hard at Work

So what kind of web developers do I need?

For smaller or less complicated projects like a simple business page, e-commerce storefront or API integration this can be readily accomplished by a single Full Stack Developer. Of course if the project is more complex, you are likely better off having a team of Back End, Front end and Full Stack Developers coordinated by a competent Project Manager to ensure you receive the optimum output.

For example, our team at Trienpont International has web developers: Front End Developers, Back End Developers, Full Stack Developers and the technically-minded and client-focused Project Managers required to bring your project to life.

Whether you require a new website or a full digital transformation, feel free to reach out and speak with one of our consultants and start achieving today.

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