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Supabase – The Open Source Firebase Alternative

The Open Source Firebase Alternative

You’ve probably heard of Google’s Firebase as a go-to database for projects. But there’s a modern, powerful alternative that’s gaining attention among developers.

We are talking about Supabase – an open-source Firebase alternative and the future of backend development.

At Trienpont International, we’ve experienced the power of Supabase firsthand. We have integrated it into many of our projects and it has become one of our developers’ favorite database tools.

In this article, we will explore the world of Supabase, why we chose Supabase for our projects and valuable tips and insights from our developers to help you maximize this powerful open-source tool.

What is Supabase as the Open Source Firebase Alternative?

Supabase  was founded in 2019 and based in San Francisco with remote teams worldwide. It  is an open-source alternative to Firebase built on PostgreSQL. 

The team created Supabase to leverage PostgreSQL’s capabilities to store and manage your data efficiently compared to Firebase, which can be limiting in terms of customization and database control.  Supabase also includes built-in authentication features and supports real-time subscriptions and instant API functionality.

 The Open Source Firebase Alternative

Supabase VS. Firebase 

Deciding between Supabase and Firebase for your backend can be challenging. Both Supabase and Firebase offer essential features like databases, authentication, real-time updates, and file storage. 

The difference? 

Supabase uses PostgreSQL, a powerful SQL database known for its robustness and flexibility, while Firebase uses a NoSQL database. It also provides additional features like user authentication and secure file storage through Supabase Bucket. 

On the other hand, Firebase offers a seamless integration with Google’s ecosystem and a range of services like Firestore for real-time data and Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications. 

Depending on your project’s specific needs, one might be a better fit than the other.

Why We Choose to Use Supabase 

Our developers have been using Supabase for two years. We’ve integrated it into several projects like a telemedicine platform, an NFT web app, and a beauty service app. 

Throughout these projects, we’ve seen firsthand how Supabase offers a range of benefits that make it a strong choice for backend development.

1. Real-time Capabilities

Supabase handles real-time data synchronization. It helps ensure that changes in the database are instantly reflected across all clients. This is particularly useful for applications that require live updates, such as collaborative tools, chat applications, or real-time dashboards.

2. Built-in Authentication

Supabase provides robust authentication mechanisms out of the box. It supports multiple authentication methods including email/password, OAuth providers (like Google and GitHub), and third-party authentication. 

3. Strage

Supabase includes integrated file storage which allows you to handle file uploads, manage storage buckets, and serve files efficiently. This feature is useful for applications that need to store and retrieve images, documents, or other files directly within the backend infrastructure.

4. API Generation

Supabase automatically generates RESTful APIs from your database schema. This means you can interact with your database through a simple and consistent API without writing custom server code.

5. Schema-driven Data Management

Supabase uses schema-driven data management which ensures your database structure is consistent and validated. This minimizes data errors and helps maintain complex data relationships with ease.

Developer’s Tips from Trienpont International

Our team has valuable experience with Supabase. Here are our developers’ tips and best practices when using Supabase.

1.  Feature the real-time data base and Supabase Bucket 

 The Open Source Firebase Alternative

Anik Sarker, our talented full-stack developer from Bangladesh, started using Supabase two years ago and found it to be one of the best tools. He particularly appreciates its real-time database for instant data retrieval and utilizes Supabase Bucket for storage needs.

He advises, “Supabase offers a real-time database for instant data synchronization, making your app feel lively and responsive. Plus, you can use Supabase Bucket for secure file storage. It’s perfect for managing user-uploaded files like images, videos, or documents. This helps enhance your app’s functionality and gives users a seamless experience.”

2. Utilize the built-in Postgres mechanism

 The Open Source Firebase Alternative

Mix Kunut, a key member of our full-stack development team, explains how to use the built-in Postgres mechanism to control access to specific data.

He explains that you can utilize Supabase’s built-in Postgres mechanism, Row Level Security, to restrict access to specific data. By integrating it with Supabase’s authentication system, you can ensure that only authorized users, based on their role or other criteria, can access it.

3. Use Security and performance advisor

 The Open Source Firebase Alternative

Supabase offers a security and performance advisor to help developers optimize their work. Awin, our talented full-stack developer, shared insights on using this tool. He believes these simple tips are often underrated but incredibly useful.

Awin recommends using the security and performance advisor to optimize your code and workflow. This tool highlights errors, warnings, and useful information in a user-friendly interface, designed to help you work quickly and efficiently.

Ready to Boost Your Project with Supabase?

Supabase is an emerging and powerful tool that offers a robust backend solution. Whether you’re developing real-time applications, collaborative tools, e-commerce platforms, or content management systems, Supabase can streamline your development process and improve your project’s functionality.

Ready to elevate your project with Supabase? Learn more about our services and contact us today to see how we can help you integrate this powerful tool into your workflow.

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