Are Outdated Hiring Practices Sabotaging Your Career?:

Finding the “perfect candidate” as developers has become a near impossible feat.

The traditional hiring process relies on a few mere pages – a resume or CV.  Companies thoroughly screen candidates from their education, previous work experience, and skills as stated on these sheets. However, this traditional recruitment can be unfair and hamper candidates in the tech sector who may not fit the ideal profile but possess the skills and experience necessary to succeed. 

Stack Overflow surveyed more than 100,000 developers and discovered that 87% of them have developed learning skills, languages, frameworks and tools by themselves. Put simply, nearly 9 out of 10 skilled developers are self-educated outside of any courses or education. 

It means that a computer science degree and traditional resume are not practical to find potential candidates and should not be given priority in comparison with hands-on experience with programming languages. 

Time for Changes


Companies should be open-minded about the hiring process and focus on finding people with skills and experience relevant to the job. Employers can give developers a coding assessment to test the candidates’ skills rather than meticulously review pieces of paper.

This is time to create changes. Our team at Trienpont International focuses on skills, attitude and aptitude rather than just qualifications and years of experience. We recognise that the tech sector is fast moving, which means that time spent in a role does not necessarily represent suitability. 

If you’re a new or experienced tech professional and feel that you could be a good fit in our organisation, feel free to get in touch with our team and help us turn  digital dreams into technical realities.

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