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The Tech SOS: 6 Signs You Need Tech Help

Successful leaders like you know they cannot do everything alone. That’s why we hire, build teams, and bring in specialists to fill gaps in knowledge, experience, and expertise. This helps our businesses maintain operational velocity and continue to grow, all while upholding stability and efficiency.

However, managing the tricky equilibrium between operational needs, staffing levels, and expenditure is no easy feat. As you stand there, making critical decisions in the fast-paced, demanding world of business, you’re constantly calculating this delicate balance.

The difficulty intensifies when it comes to digital projects. Building an in-house tech team is a significant undertaking, one that can be fraught with challenges if the necessary expertise isn’t readily available within your organisation. Not only is it difficult to hire the right technical talent without specific engineering knowledge and experience, the resource requirements for developing a software project often greatly exceed those needed for its maintenance. 

This can lead to a predicament where, once the project is off the ground, you’re left with an oversized team—a luxury that may be too costly to sustain, yet too complex and risky to disband due to potential legal (and reputational) ramifications.

This is where engaging trusted Partner-in-Tech steps or outsourcing software projects in as a viable strategy. It allows you to access a pool of specialised talent that can efficiently deliver your projects, without the need to maintain a large and costly permanent team. 

By doing so, you can effectively manage your resources, focusing on your core operations, without compromising on the quality of your tech projects.

However, discerning the right time to seek external help, especially in the realm of software development, can be a challenge. In this article, we aim to arm you with clear indicators that it’s time to consider outsourcing your software projects, along with actionable advice on how to do it effectively. Our goal is to help you navigate these decisions with confidence, ensuring that your business remains agile, cost-effective, and primed for success.

The Tech SOS: 6 Signs You Need Tech Help

Outsourcing Software Projects

1. You lack in-house technical expertise

Finding and retaining skilled tech talent is challenging, especially without specific technical knowledge. This issue can lead to hiring mismatches, high turnover, and project delays. 

We help our clients by providing a pool of vetted technical professionals, ensuring project continuity and saving you from constant recruitment efforts. You maintain focus on core objectives, while your tech projects proceed with qualified, consistent staffing.

The situation is dire, with concrete evidence of a crisis in the digital industry. For example,  the Australian Computer Society has been warning of a shortage of IT workers since 2015, with a need for an additional 60,000 IT workers per year in 2021. In New Zealand, 96% of tech sector employers expect the skills shortage to impact their operations in 2023, according to the Hays 2022/23 Salary Guide.

2. You have limited time to market

Rapid product deployment is crucial. Hiring, training, and managing an in-house only development team can slow you down, delaying your time-to-market. 

With outsourcing software projects, your product development accelerates, beating market deadlines and outpacing competitors. Experience faster, more efficient delivery while retaining control and quality.

3. You’re facing difficulty in managing complex projects

Managing software projects requires specialised skills and experience. If these are lacking in-house, projects can derail, impacting your business. 

Delegating these crucial duties to an experienced and cohesive team fills this gap. We accomplish this for our clients by offering seasoned project managers who ensure timely, on-budget delivery of quality software.

Read more about why software projects often fail, and how to avoid the common pitfalls. 

4. You’re failing at scaling

When business growth demands quick scale-up, building capacity in-house can be time-consuming and costly. Partnering with an experienced technical team like Trienpont provides an immediate solution, offering scalable resources that match your pace and enable fast, efficient expansion.

5. Your focus is drifting and your business suffering

Concentrating on your key business objectives is paramount. Delegating your digital decisions, processes, and software development tasks to a team of technical experts and outsourcing software projects allows you to focus on steering the strategic direction of your business.

6. You have a long wishlist of new features that never get released

Keeping customers and users engaged requires constant innovation. Yet, developing new features in-house can be slow. Outsourcing software projects enable faster feature development for our clients with our specialised project team, ensuring your product stays fresh and engaging, keeping your customers satisfied and ahead of the competition.

5 Steps to Find the Right Tech Partners 

Outsourcing Software Projects

Outsourcing your software development needs can be a great way to save time and money, but it’s important to do it right. Here are some tips to ensure you do it the right way:

1. Clearly define your requirements and budget

Before you start looking for a technical partner, make sure you have a clear understanding of your project requirements and budget. This will help you narrow down your search to companies that can meet your needs.

2. Research potential companies

Look for digital companies that have relevant experience and are the right cultural fit for you and your team. Consider factors such as their expertise, industry experience, client reviews, and reputation. Look for companies that align with your project goals.

3. Create a shortlist

Once you have a list of potential companies, create a shortlist of the ones that best fit your needs. You can do this based on factors like cost, expertise, and availability.

4. Evaluate technical expertise

It’s important to evaluate the technical expertise of your potential outsourcing partners. Look for companies that have experience in the technologies you need and have a strong track record of delivering quality software.

5. Pay attention to chemistry

Finally, pay attention to the chemistry between you and your potential vendor. You want to work with a partner that you trust and feel comfortable communicating with, and most importantly will maintain good humor and work with you if things don’t go as planned. Schedule a call or meeting to discuss your project and get a sense of whether you’ll be a good fit.

Time to Find Your Partner-in-Tech!

Outsourcing Software Projects

If you are in need of a trusted and experienced software company, don’t hesitate to reach out and explore your options for outsourcing software projects. By partnering with the right team, you can free up resources, improve your project management, and take advantage of the latest technologies and expertise.

At Trienpont International with over 13 years of experience, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality software solutions that meet your unique needs. Our streamlined onboarding process can have skilled developers onboarded and working on your project in as little as 7 days.

Contact us today to learn more and take the first step toward a successful software project.

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