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Why PDPA Awareness training for your staff is so important?


Can you guess what is one of the biggest threats your organisation faces when it comes to PDPA Compliance and data breaches? Your staff. It’s not only your IT and Data Governance team’s responsibility but everyone’s. This is why staff awareness is important to PDPA Compliance. 

While the procedures and systems for the compliance may have been implemented in your business, do your staff understand their role in the transition?

What Your Workforce Needs To Know

Staff awareness isn’t only essential for compliance but also can empower your organisation’s long-term data security and reduce the likelihood of unintentional sharing of personal data.  

There is a misunderstanding that most data breaches are the work of sophisticated hackers. In reality, human error is the cause of the vast majority of system breaches. According to the Information Commissioner’s Office, around 90% of data breaches in 2019 were due to human errors such as sending emails to unauthorised personnel or accidentally releasing personal information.

The Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Reports showed that social engineering is the main cause of up to 82% of data breaches in 2022. Humans are still the primary vulnerability to data security. 

Why is staff awareness a key to PDPA compliance?

To combat this and implement PDPA compliance, organisations need to ensure that they educate all employees on the responsibility of all data protection regulations and policies.

These are reasons why staff PDPA training is important:

  • Help to raise employee awareness of PDPA fundamentals together with Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Serves to educate employees on the roles in implementing the PDPA standards, data protection, as well as cyber-security. 
  • Allow your company to identify issues with the PDPA compliance and determine how to solve them.
  • Protect your organisation from breaking the regulation and sizable fines

Tips for implementing PDPA awareness training

Here are some tips to help your company strengthen your business with PDPA compliance; 

  • Determine the sort of training program that fits your organisation: Finding the right training program that suits the nature of a company, staff, and workflow reinforces the effectiveness of training. 
  • Set goals and objectives for the training: Without goals in your mind, making the entire process lack direction and vision and you might end up going out of your way.
  • Create a comfortable space: A good training program is where all staff can fully interact, feel free
    to share their opinions, and ask questions. 
  • Create easy reference materials for compliance: Training should not be complicated, and available for all employees. You can break down the key point to make it easier to understand. 
  • Commit to the training program: Taking it not seriously can turn into a disaster, wasting time and money.

Ultimately, staff awareness is key to PDPA compliance in any company. Failure to comply with PDPA may not result in financial penalties, but your reputation and business opportunities.


Build Staff Awareness with Trienpont

At Trienpont, we have the most friendly solution for your PDPA awareness training in Thailand. RESPONSUM THAILAND easily provides your employees access to online training and track results. Our training about Privacy, Security, and Data Management is developed by subject matter experts and can be followed anywhere and at any time.

  • Effective: Gamification enhances learner engagement and improves retention.
  • Cost-efficient: It’s a fact that every training requires money, resources, and time. Compared to face-2-face training, online training reduces the cost of these parameters significantly.
  • Demonstrate Compliance: Easily demonstrate compliance by demonstrating the progress of your organisation.

Please feel free to contact us. We would love to reinforce your business to implement PDPA compliance training. 

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