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5 Crucial Steps of Mobile App Development

app development

Mobile app development is an effective tool for business. Whether you’re a startup founder funded and ready to go, a solopreneur wanting to test your market, or an established business looking to better serve your customers, it’s crucial to understand the steps, costs, and key considerations involved in mobile app development. 

  1. Planning

As with all projects, proper planning is essential to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page and all key steps and components are clearly defined and understood. Timelines, budgets, critical paths, resource allocation, communication channels, and milestones should be established along with contingencies (things don’t always go to plan!)

If your mobile app is more complicated it can be broken down into several phases with new features added sequentially. This allows you to go to market faster with fewer features and enhance your user experience in future updates. 

  1. Design 

The best mobile apps on the market are a perfect balance between form and function. We rely on our UX/UI designers working together with our technical team to create beautiful layouts and a flawless user experience. 

It’s crucial for you (the client) to communicate key design considerations with the development team so we can create the design to meet your aesthetic expectations and functional requirements. 

  1. Development

Now, onto the most time-consuming yet crucial step of your project: development. This is where our team of superstar software engineers turns your vision into a technical reality through thousands of lines of code. 

Be patient, this is a time-consuming exercise (as noted in the planning phase!), and the more complicated your app is the longer it will take, which is why it’s a good idea to release features in stages. 

  1. Testing

No one likes to use a buggy app, which is why we use our in-house Quality Assurance team to test all functionalities and scour every line of code to ensure your users have a flawless experience. 

Testers are constantly following every step of the development process and collaborating with our software engineers to ensure any deficiencies are identified and rectified long before your project is ready for deployment. 

  1. Deployment & Support

Congrats! You’re finally ready for launch! It takes a bit of time and box-ticking before you can get your app listed on the Apply or Google Play stores and the process usually takes 2-7 days before it’s ready to go. 

One often-overlooked element of app development is ongoing maintenance. You should budget at least 18-20% of the total development cost for your ongoing support, and increase that whenever you need new features to be added. 

So what’s next? 

app development

Get in touch with the team at Trienpont International today to help get you started or even just to validate your ideas. Also, stay tuned as we bring you more helpful articles covering everything you need to know about Mobile apps and Software Development. 

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