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Project & Support For E-Commerce Specialist

Project & Support For E-Commerce Specialist


  • Our client has a portfolio of over clients 150 websites, some built in Concrete5, that needed ongoing support;
  • Additionally, they need new ecommerce stores and websites built on a regular basis.


  • Trienpont International became Landing’s partner in building and maintaining their portfolio of websites;
  • Support & maintenance on over 150 websites in multiple CMS including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and Concrete5;
  • Create and integrate multiple APIs including Accounting Systems, ERPs, Stock Management Systems, CRMs, and mail automation systems.


  • Considerably improved our level of service as Trienpont International scaled rapidly;
  • Initiated a project to replace multiple outdated Concrete5 e-commerce stores with more modern and regularly updated CMS (i.e. WordPress);
  • Optimized Landing Partner’s business operations by providing a single point of contact instead of hiring multiple freelancers on a per-project basis;
  • Supported Landing Partner’s growth and enhanced their reliability and reputation with their clients.