New POS For Multinational Supermarket Chain

New POS For Multinational Supermarket chain


  • Our client was running out of time and resources to deliver a new and improved Point of Sales system with custom functionalities for a leading multinational supermarket chain.


  • Responsible for constructing the server-side architecture and efficiently making it communicate with the end user’s design;
  • Responsible for leading and mentoring development teams to increase the efficiency of the program and building with the best standards;
  • Responsible for building scalable server-side architecture inefficient and advance programming languages and making it highly maintained and secure;
  • Responsible for resolving technical issues, refactoring the existing system, and making the code base easier to maintain after it has moved to production;
  • Responsible for improving security by implementing two-factor authentication, making admins able to authenticate their identities and having more control over the system;
  • Responsible for implementing a discount system using coupons and integrating discounts in user’s end;
  • Responsible for dynamic integration of themes according to the brand in a general content management system.


  • Enhance the POS System to help the client’s management system run quickly without interruption covering all aspects of the work;
  • Successfully modified numerous software applications that increased user-friendliness by 15%;
  • Suggested advancement of security and confidentiality of data through the implementation of key processes and protocol;
  • Developed a business intelligence dashboard that gave the front desk real-time visibility into inventory and procurement;
  • Developed the front end and integrated the APIs so admin could have complete control over coupons.