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An Effective Team Structure for Mobile App Development

Mobile Development Team

If you are planning to create a mobile app for your business, you should understand the key roles and responsibilities of your project’s development team. In other words, you should know WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR. 

These are the key personnel you need for your mobile app development team to foster your mobile app:

Project Manager

The first person to start when you come to mobile app development is a project manager or PM. You need this person to be your connection to the developers and to ensure the entire process of your mobile app project is completed on time and within budget.

UX/UI Designer

You may think that the task assigned to designers is easy but they strive to ensure that your product is intuitive and everything within your mobile application is optimised to deliver a pleasant and user-friendly app interface. 

Mobile App Developer

A clean and intuitive UX/UI design will not function without the thousands of lines of code that bring them to life. Depending on the complexity and skillset of your developers, they can be separated into Back End (server-side), Front End (visual side), or Full Stack (Back & Front End combined in one).

The development process is usually the most costly and time-consuming step of mobile app development, so choose your developers wisely!

QA Engineer

Last but not least, QA or a Quality Assurance Engineer is a professional you can’t miss as they need to verify how the app is functioning and make sure that it doesn’t contain any bugs. You can release your mobile application once QA approves it. 

Business Analyst

Since you have an idea for your mobile application project, you also need someone to help set the right goal. Business analysts will help you to understand your customer’s requirements and market needs. 

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